Facial Acupuncture

Natural anti-aging treatment

Facial Acupuncture, also known as cosmetic acupuncture is a non-invasive treatment that involves the insertion of fine needles to the face and body to improve skin and reduce the signs of aging process.

Pre-existing health conditions may also be improved as acupuncture works by treating the whole body. It is a therapeutic method to restore the body’s balance and encourage natural healing.

Only single-use, sterile, disposable needles are used in the clinic.

What benefit can be expected?

The immediate result people often experience includes a brighter complexion, better muscle tone and reduced tension. Because wound healing response process takes a certain time, it may take a few months to see the full benefits of the treatments and they differ from person to person. The long term results include firmer smoother skin, reduced fine lines and softened deep wrinkles, lifted facial muscles, reduced puffiness and dark circles.

Unlike Botox or dermal fillers, facial rejuvenation acupuncture is not short-term quick fix, but the focus is to encourage long-term natural rejuvenation in the health of the skin and body.

For the best result, a series of 6-10 weekly treatments and then fortnightly or monthly top-up treatments are recommended.

What is a treatment like?

After consultation and Chinese Medicine diagnosis, some acupuncture points are selected for needling. You will receive a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage followed by insertion of very fine needles on the face, head and other parts of the body, then you will relax for about 20 minutes. After all the needles removed, you will receive a relaxing face massage with soothing essential oil blends. For 90 minute session, Gua Sha and Facial cupping will be added as well as plenty more facial massage.

As the needles puncture the skin, the micro trauma causes wound healing response. Your body goes into repair mode producing new collagen and elastin, which helps improve elasticity and minimize fine lines.

It also stimulates your lymphatic and circulatory system, which deliver nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells, nourishing skin from the inside out. Loosening tense muscles of the face, scalp, and neck with needles enhance the effect further.

Does it hurt?

Acupuncture needles are very thin, flexible and compared to the human hair. Most feel only minimal discomfort when the needle is inserted. Once the needles are in place there should be no significant discomfort and most people feel deeply relaxed which can continue after they are removed.

Facial Acupuncture treatments available at Naoko’s therapy room in Thames Ditton.