Natural Facelift Massage

Feel and look younger

Natural Facelift Massage, also known as Facial Rejuvenation Massage is a gentle non-invasive approach to anti-aging and looking younger. It is a natural face lifting massage, combining gentle massage techniques with lymphatic drainage, acupressure and energy balancing used on the head, face and neck.

The massage stimulates blood circulation to improve appearance of the skin, and lymphatic drainage helping to eliminate toxins and promote the supply of nutrients to the skin. Facelift massage can help improve the complexion, remove impurities from the face, prevent and reduce facial expression lines and wrinkles and may also help relieve stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and eyestrain.

Although results can be seen after one treatment, a series of 6-8 weekly treatments and then top-up monthly treatments is best for long term results.

Natural facelift massage treatments available at Naoko’s therapy room in Thames Ditton.