Wendy, Wimbledon

I have been going to Naoko for treatments almost weekly for over 7 years and she truly has magic hands! Naoko is my first go to when I’m stressed or simply need to relax, she puts me into a deep sleep and I absolutely love it! Naoko is professional, Kind, & gentle and I enjoy being treated in her quiet therapy room at her home

Simon, Thames Ditton
I recently hurt my lower back after falling on it. It got worse from sitting at a desk all day for a week or so. Acupuncture with Naoko has helped enormously, after one session I felt 90 percent better and after 2 sessions the pain has completely gone. I’ve tried various things for back problems in the past, osteopaths, physio, chiropractors and massage, but found acupuncture has helped me the most. And Naoko is the best I’ve been to.

Maria, Raynes Park
I have known Naoko for 9 years and I can say she is an excellent therapist, recently she used acupuncture with a very stubborn plantar fascitis condition and perimenopause symptoms with amazing results, always felt much better after her sessions and much more relaxed and slept great. Also she is an incredible person patient, positive and compassionate I greatly recommend Naoko as a therapist and as a person.

Sadia, London
I have known Naoko for many years and she is a highly experienced and brilliant acupuncturist. Naoko is patient and possesses a great knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) achieving results and good health in just a few sessions.

I only trust Naoko for acupuncture and healing and in a short space of time Naoko has helped me return to good health with her hard work and dedication. She is highly skilled in diagnosis and patient taking the time to understand symptoms.

I would like to thank Naoko for helping me recover and for being such a trustworthy practitioner, I highly recommend her to everyone, she is one of the best.

Julia, Wimbledon
It has taken me years to find a really excellent Shiatsu therapist and a few years back i got very lucky and found Naoko.

She has a wonderful mix of a very gentle nurturing technique coupled with the right amount of pressure where it is needed, and she instinctively  knows when and where that is.

I cant recommend her enough, she is a very special person and a wonderful and highly skilled therapist.

Penny, Wimbledon
Naoko’s treatments are excellent. I always feel very relaxed and my skin looks great after one of her facials. I thoroughly recommend her.

Kirsty, Raynes Park
I have been having massages and reflexology with Naoko for the last 18 months. I enjoy my time with her as she’s always welcoming, calming, professional and above all else she just makes me feel amazing. She always understands the mood I’m in and provides the perfect environment to fully relax in. She tailors the appointments to the areas I need more work on, and is able to use the deep pressure I need in order to coax all the tension out.

I walk in with a bruised and battered body (and mind!) and leave floating on air, as light as a feather. I would absolutely recommend Naoko to anyone seeking a professional and top notch treatment. Not only is she highly skilled at what she does, but I find she truly cares about her clients, their health and circumstances. She’s the best therapist I’ve had, and I’ve had a LOT of massages in my time!

Ruth, Chiswick
I first went to see Naoko for reflexology treatments 10 years ago. At the time I was 63 years old and had been suffering for three years with osteoarthritis in my hands. Within a few treatments my hands became flexible again and now ten years later my hands give me no trouble at all.

Although my arthritis has appeared in different places, over the years with regular reflexology treatments Naoko has kept me flexible even in the Winter months when arthritis often gets worse. Her facial treatments are very relaxing and your skin glows with health after one of her treatments. I am always complimented on my skin.